Shia app for daily duas, a'mal, and ziyarat.

English Interface

Designed for English speakers with a fully English interace.

English Translations & Transliterations

English translations & transliterations for duas and a'mal. Additional translations are being added regularly.

Arabic & Persion

Full support for Arabic and Persian as well.


Download (permanently or temporarily) and listen to audio files for duas (ziyarat and a'mal coming soon).

Prayer Times

Turn on notifications to be alerted when its time to pray! Or add a prayer times widget on your home screen.


Add any text to your favorties for quick access. Or add a favorites widget to your home screen for faster access.


Seamlessly search through the text database by entering the text's title or a word/phrase inside it. English and Arabic!


Custom app icon, custom theme color, custom font and size...

Dark Mode

For the cultured.